Will the next-gen RAZR being teased be part of the new Moto Z line? We’re just speculating here because Motorola has reportedly filed for a trademark for the name “MOTO Z”. It’s a new series and we’re trying to make sense of this news and last week’s teaser video. It could also be a replacement of the Moto X since we’ve also been hearing that Motorola will put an end to it soon.

We don’t have enough information about this new trademark but ‘Motorola Trademark Holdings’ is the clear owner based on the image screenshot of what is believed to be the registration filed on last May 17, 2016. That’s exactly one week ago and since Motorola didn’t unveil a new Moto X after the Moto G was announced, we’re guessing that the company now owned by Lenovo is contemplating on ditching the ‘X’ line. Replacing is a less harsh term but with or without the Moto X this year, we’re excited for the arrival of the Moto Z.

Motorola Moto Z Trademark Lenovo

Noted in the trademark is that it has something to do with “Mobile phones, smartphones and accessories therefore, namely battery chargers and adapters.”

We can only think of the Moto RAZR for this Moto Z. It could also be for another model but perhaps Motorola just wants to simplify the naming of each series since there’s already the Moto G for the “brick smartphones”. The Moto Z could be for the “flip/clamshell smartphones”. That’s just a wild guess so don’t expect too much. Motorola and Lenovo are welcome to surprise the mobile industry anytime.



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