Motorola has gone full swing with the holiday discounts. Last week brought news of a Moto X Cyber Monday sale. Not to mention, Motorola was offering some Black Friday discounts as well. Well, as today is Cyber Monday — the focus appears to be on the Moto X discounts. Specifically, for the Moto Maker and Developer Edition models.

In this case Motorola is offering the handsets at $150 off the regular price. Essentially, this means the 16GB Moto Maker will be $350 and the 32GB model will be $400. Or in other words, we are talking Nexus 5 prices here. Of course, the catch with the Moto Maker deals — this is only going to be available for one day, December 2nd.

The same $150 discount also applies to the Developer Edition models of the Moto X. While there is a Moto Maker option available for a variety of carriers, those browsing will see just two models of the Developer Edition. In this case you are looking to GSM which offers support for AT&T and T-Mobile or CDMA which supports Verizon Wireless.

But regardless of whether you choose GSM or Verizon Wireless, the price will be the same at $400. Keep in mind, all of the prices mentioned here are contract-free, which means you can buy the handset and then go direct to the carrier for a SIM, or hit up one of the third-party options such as Straight Talk.

That all being said, while Motorola has officially announced this special Cyber Monday offer — the Motorola site seems to be struggling a bit. Simply put, if you are looking to take advantage of this offer, some patience may be required.

[Update] It seems the Developer Edition has sold out (both GSM and Verizon). We are currently looking towards the @Motorola Twitter account, but for now the Moto Maker deal remains offline and therefor, unavailable at the moment.