Oh man, we have seen so much about the Droid Bionic in the past few weeks (or months) that it’s starting to get a bit ridiculous if you ask me. After delays and delays it appears things are finally taking a turn for the good and the highly speculated September launch date seems to be a lock for now, hopefully nothing changes from now until then.

From Best Buy ads to Verizon Wireless web pages the Droid Bionic is coming, and coming fast. Now it appears we are starting to see T-shirts sporting the Droid Bionic hit Verizon stores (shown below) and even a promo video has been spotted but not yet revealed. The shirt even has a nice little “Google” logo on the sleeve, how fun. I’m sure we will be seeing plenty of those shirts in the very near future.

Also leaked over at Phandroid is a simple screenshot of a promo video or ad campaign that we will probably be seeing shortly that flashes “September” at the end. So for anyone who has been doubting the September launch there are a few more details to get you excited.

Who’s excited? The latest bits of information we have seen still suggests the phone will indeed be launching come September 8th (a Thursday like usual for Verizon) and will be offered with a $299 price tag with a new 2-year contract. I want one!

[via androidcentral]