A recent screen leak is now suggesting that the popular Motorola Droid Bionic may in fact be launching sometime this year. With all the delays and lack of information we were all beginning to wonder if we’d ever see it officially. The latest screen leak is showing a release date of August 4th for the Bionic, that might not be to far away but it sure is late considering they said “Spring” back at CES.

We recently saw the Droid Bionic pass through the FCC with some 4G LTE radios so the hope for a 4G and dual-core device are still alive. It will be a pretty neat phone if it ends up coming with both of those highly wanted specs, we will have to keep waiting sadly.

In case you missed it back in June Motorola tweeted the phone was still on schedule so that at least shows they have not forgot about us, or the Bionic and are still hard at work perfecting the new form factor. If the suggested August 4th date is to be believed we should start seeing and hearing more about this phone soon.

[via Android Central]