The Droid X just got announced (here’s the hands-on, by the way), and during the announcement, it was revealed that the upcoming device wouldn’t be launched with Android 2.2, but would actually get an update Over the Air some time by the end of Summer. Most of us instantaneously started hoping for the end of August. Some of us even had our fingers crossed. And in the midst of that little tid-bit of news, it was revealed that original Droid owners would be getting the update (around?) at the same time. If this newly leaked internal Verizon document is any indicator, then our hopes and dreams are coming true, folks.

If you’re holding back on getting the Android 2.1-powered, 1GHz OMAP processor-boasting, 4.3-inch 16:9 aspect ratio capacitive touchscreen display-showcasing Motorola Droid X because it has a new version of MOTOBLUR on it, you don’t have to worry. According to the image above, which is coming from some internal place within Verizon, it looks like the Droid X is indeed getting its update to Froyo by the end of August. That means just over a month after you buy the phone, you’ll be getting your hands on the tasty goodness that is Android 2.2.

As for the original Droid, apparently it’s not coming at the same time, but actually before the Droid X. According to the image, that update is coming at the end of July. There’s probably going to be someone out there that gets upset at this, but considering the Droid came out first, we’ll have to give it to the original workhorse that started it all. Either way, looks like Android 2.2 isn’t far off, so start counting down the days.

[via PhoneDog]