With all the rumors going around regarding the new DROID RAZR from Motorola is seems they’ve gone on a buying spree and are snatching up all the domains they can regarding the “RAZR” brand for the upcoming device. I’m excited to see the brand revealed and just last week Motorola finally acquired the domain name MotorolaRAZR.com, only 7 years late since the device was around long ago. Who’s ready for a comeback?

Leaked with the codename Spyder, the Motorola RAZR will be a pretty great handset it leaks and rumors are true, not to mention those benchmark results from earlier seem impressive. Domain buyouts reveal names, but that is about it. Amidst all the rumors that Motorola will be combining the names of their two most iconic brands into one, they are now on a shopping spree and are buying all the RAZR domains they can get their paws on — And I just want my paws on the phone.

Along with acquiring MotorolaRAZR.com last week here is a list of the many they’ve bought recently to go along with all these rumors.


These have actually been acquired by CSC who is a brand protection service, and they’ve been contracted by Motorola to pursue these. I’m still wondering why they are doing it now when the RAZR has been around for so long. Although the entire domain and site race wasn’t quite as big back then, and neither was the mobile market. Maybe the rumors will turn out untrue and Motorola will release a entry-level flip phone running Android and call it some variation of the RAZR — I’m hoping we see something better myself but I thought I’d mention it.

I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty more of the RAZR name, especially if they are in fact prepping a DROID RAZR to empower the masses over on Verizon.

[via Fusible]



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