The little game Motorola started yesterday appears to be going south already. After announcing a mystery 4G LTE smartphone would be unveiled on Friday, they’ve now backtracked on that to clarify that it won’t be a “new” phone, but they will unveil something after all the clues are figured out. So those expecting to see a new device, sorry for the bad news.

Basically this isn’t about a new phone, instead it is about brand awareness. After having a nice little hidden square and asking everyone to “guess the smartphone,” we all figured it was a new device. Why would we guess on something we already know. Either way here’s what they had to say:

Let’s play a game, Guess the Smartphone. We’ll give a clue each day all week and make the big reveal on Friday. I have the power of 4G LTE. Which smartphone am I?

After all the leaks of Motorola’s upcoming DROID RAZR HD, everyone assumed (us included) that we’d be seeing that new smartphone. Today however Motorola has spoiled the fun and changed the tune. Either they’ve decided not to unveil a new smartphone, or they never were planning on it to begin with. Here is the hint from today:

I browse the Web, multitask and power through emails with my 1.5 GHz dual-core processor. And just a note, I’m in market in the U.S. from Motorola already.”

Yup, you guessed it. That would be the Motorola Atrix HD on AT&T — see our review. Motorola’s Atrix HD is a great smartphone on AT&T, especially for $99. Why they are running this little promotional guessing game this late after launch has us confused. Either way an update was in order. Sorry folks, we won’t be seeing the DROID RAZR HD on Friday. We’ll update when we know more on that device, because the Atrix HD is old news.

[via Motorola]