Who’s ready for some tasty Gingerbread? Motorola has just updated their support page for the Motorola Atrix 4G and have officially posted the Atrix 4G Gingerbread release available for download — exciting I know. Last we heard they were in the testing phase and doing a soak test so I’m glad to report the update is available so soon.

Update: The new versions is also rolling out OTA to handsets as we speak so you can download manually, or wait for it to come over the air. Also this will take you to the new bootloader so if you’d like to be unlocked and have root I suggest you head to this post on XDA for more details about the update.

We saw this leaked back in June and it was build version 4.5.40 but this latest update available now is updated to version 4.5.91 and should have many fixes over the previous leak as well as new enhancements to the Motorola UI overlay. Checking out the release notes reveals not only Android 2.3.4 but updates to the UI, music app, gallery, they’ve updated some icons as well as cleaned up the view of the app tray just to name a few.

Two big changes I see is they’ve added not only Firefox 4.0 to the device for webtop browsing but they promise much better performance and a overall better web browsing experience. The update also allows installation of 3rd party apps and you can now click the unknown sources tab in settings to download apps like the Amazon App Store.

When the original Gingerbread leaked it gave users an unlocked bootloader and so far we know nothing on this latest update. Most likely the bootloader is once again locked so use caution of that matters to you.

For the Motorola Atrix 4G Gingerbread download, details, and release notes be sure to click here.

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