Moto Mod plus Amazon Alexa

Unlike the LG G5, The Moto Z won the hearts of many geeks when it comes to modular phones. Perhaps it’s because the add-ons, the Moto Mods, are way better. We’ve seen numerous mods already and we know more will be added to the lot especially after the Moto Mod hackathon is over. The finalists have been chosen already and now we wait for the winner to be announced. As for Alexa, Amazon’s very own voice assistant has reached 10,000 new skills so it’s smarter and more interactive now. We know the Moto Mods program will continue to expand and become more popular especially now that it has met Alexa.

Amazon and Motorola teamed up to bring Amazon Alexa to the Moto Z. The Moto Mods is more useful, interactive, and smarter now with Alexa. The new Amazon Alexa Moto Mod can make things easier for everyone from being updated with the news and current events, requesting for Uber, controlling smart appliances, or turning on/off the lights.

You only need to use your voice to say a command and Alexa will listen and do the task for you. We have no idea what exactly Motorola has in mind here but it could be a mod that won’t require you to unlock the phone.

Motorola also just announced that it’s adding more to the Moto Mods ecosystem. The next one is this Moto Power Pack which will bring 50% more battery sans the extra the bulk to your smartphone. It will be out next month with a $49 price tag which is affordable enough compared to buying a power bank. Other mods we’ll soon see include a charging adaptor, Turbo Power Moto Mod, Gamepad Moto Mod, and more. We’re actually looking forward to what new developments will be made from the Moto Mods Development Kits already out in the wild.

SOURCE: motoblog