The Moto Mod hackathon is almost over. The “Transform the Smartphone Challenge” on Indiegogo is ending soon after over 700 entries have been submitted from 55 countries and 30 states according to Motorola. The Lenovo-owned company has done a great job with the Moto Mods as sales are picking up and as proven by the number of submissions.

For this challenge, finalists will receive Moto Z units and Moto Mods Development Kits so they can continue on with their projects and start raising funds. Some crowdfunding campaigns have already launched on Indiegogo. We’ve seen a few like the Moto Z Mod for Wireless Charging, Smart Cart, Bella, Advanced Audio, Sidepad, Moto Color, Baby Care, Solar-Powered Battery Charger, ModCoholic, and Simple Syrup.

There are no grand prize winners yet but hackathon winners will be sent to Chicago at Lenovo’s headquarters so they can present their ideas to the executive development team. There is a possibility of funding from Lenovo Capital investors.

Lenovo has a $1 million budget allotted for this so they can offer more Moto Mods to the consumers worldwide. If not an investment from Lenovo-Motorola, these geeks can always turn to Indiegogo or any other crowdfunding sites to turn their projects into a reality.

Here are some of the ‘Transform the Smartphone Challenge’ finalists now listed on Indiegogo:

Edge – Supercharge your notifications
Smart Z Wallet
Z Sterilizer
Linc Smart Walkie Talkie MotoMod Concept

Ultimate Moto Z Mod with Wireless Charging
Mico Modula Solar Battery
Palm Smart Remote
Digital Recorder

SOURCE: Motorola Blog