When the folks from Verizon initially announced the new DROID lineup of smartphones late last month, they made sure to point out the devices would be arriving on August 20th. This release and ship date was mirrored by Verizon’s webpage, but today it appears things aren’t quite on track. It looks like another Verizon device (HTC One anyone) isn’t arriving quite as soon as we expected.

Initial reports and rumors all stated early August, but Verizon and Motorola confirmed the 20th was the day back in New York City. However, this afternoon an eagle-eyed reader noticed the shipping dates for both the new Motorola DROID ULTRA and DROID MAXX have slipped about a week.

Instead of pre-order pages listing the smartphone as “will ship by 8/20” they’ve now all been changed to the 27th of August, so it looks like we’ll have to wait about a week longer than expected. Either the phone has been delayed a week, or they’ve received so many pre-orders that shipping dates are slipping already. We’re inclined to think to former of the two.

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 11.19.06 AM

So far the latest word is the release date is still set for August 20th, but until we hear anything more from Verizon we’re not exactly sure. Hopefully the device hits shelves on the 20th as planned, and online pre-orders have simply sold out. Did you order a new DROID?

SOURCE: Verizon — Thanks everyone!