The Moto X tips and rumors aren’t slowing down, even though we’ll know all of the details come August 1st at Motorola’s big unveiling. Today another leak has surfaced that is once again mentioning the Moto X will have a brand new setup with dual LTE MIMO smart antennas to offer some of the best data and LTE speeds available on any smartphone.

The king of Moto leaks as of late, Taylor Wimberly took to Google+ and released the above photo, and once again confirmed this latest report. He briefly mentioned this earlier this month, but today we’ve learned additional details that should have you all plenty excited about the next-gen smartphone.

The dual smart antennas inside the X will allow for both data input and output at faster speeds than ever before. And MIMO is required for 4G LTE-Advanced, so it’s likely this device will also support that new standard. For more details on exactly what this dual LTE MIMO smart antenna is, here’s what Taylor had to say himself.

It should deliver the best 4G LTE performance (faster data speeds and better reception). Most OEMs support 4G technologies on the same antenna as 2G/3G, but Moto will have 2 antennas dedicated to 4G LTE. There will be 5 antennas inside Moto X: 4G main, 4G diversity, 2G/3G main, GPS, and BT/WiFi.”

It might not have a huge camera and a quad-core processor, but the Moto X won’t be a slow device in any stretch of the imagination. The dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor has the same powerful Adreno 320 GPU from Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 600 chip, plenty of battery saving features, extra cores for all the new sensors (like the DROIDS) and this MIMO LTE will provide some of the fastest, and most stable data connections we’ve had yet.

Now we’re just hoping that Qualcomm RF360 chip is inside as well, which will allow universal global 2G/3G/4G LTE support across all carriers, and all bands. Which would make this one device for all, and sold direct through the Play Store. Stay tuned as we’ll be first in line August 1st with all the details.