The Moto G arrived with Verizon Wireless and Boost Mobile during the month of January. And as we have moved into February, it seems another US carrier is preparing to launch the handset. The latest is US Cellular, though, at this time there has yet to be an official announcement.

A rumored launch date of February 10th comes by way of an image shared by Android Central. The image is said to be of an internal US Cellular page. Said page is titled “Moto G Launch Announcement” and in addition to the release date, lists only the basics to include the specs.


While we have already seen the specs for the Moto Go listed countless times, and as this page did share an expected launch date — that leaves the price as a mystery. The Moto G currently sells for $179 (8GB) or $199 (16GB) direct from Motorola. Furthermore, we have also seen Verizon launch the Moto G for $99.

The leaked US Cellular image does mention how the Moto G will be a prepaid device, but didn’t offer any hint toward the price. We do hope to see US Cellular price the Moto G close to, if not the same as Verizon Wireless, however we can already see one difference between the two carriers — what the phone will ship with.

Unlike the Verizon model which arrived with Android 4.3, the US Cellular Moto G will have Kit Kat at launch. Of course, as we saw earlier in the week, Verizon Moto G users are currently in the process of getting updated to Android 4.4.2. Lastly, given the Moto G is coming to another carrier soon, our earlier published review may be helpful for those now considering a purchase.