Tomorrow, we’ll find out what the HTC U event is all about. We’re guessing it’s a new Android smartphone– the HTC Alpine aka the HTC U Ultra aka the HTC Ocean Note. We’re betting on that HTC U Ultra name because the event has been dubbed as “for U”. A new set of leaked images of what is believed to be the upcoming HTC U Ultra has been released.

The photos appear to be from China so we don’t doubt the existence of a new HTC phone. Looking at the images, we can say the new HTC phone is similar to the LG V20 and the Note 7 in design with the curved metal frame and the dual-LED flash. Nothing is certain and official yet but this HTC unit appears to include a laser auto-focus sensor, dual-LED flash, speaker grill, and a USB type-C port. There is also the SIM card slot and microphone hole.

There’s also a secondary display just like the LG V20. HTC must be embracing the idea of a secondary screen that shows trivial information like date, time, battery percentage, and weather. Small icons of some apps can also be placed on the secondary display.

VIA: HTC Source


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