HTC is set to announce something that refers to “U” on January 12, 2017. We’re not sure about what smartphone is that but we just heard an idea that it might be the Ocean Note. This is according to ePrice who noted a device known this early as such. Another rumor has it that it will be released in the market by the 28th of January. That’s more than two weeks after the unveiling and just before the Chinese New Year.

This HTC Ocean Note is actually just one. We also heard of the Ocean Master and Ocean Smart but we’re betting more on the Ocean Note. We’re guessing HTC is ending the One series and is moving to the Ocean. These are only speculations but we’re also betting on the HTC X10 as a follow-up to the HTC One X9 plus the possibility of a VR headset. It could be the X10 because the X9 was released in January of this year.

Another possibility is a new Desire that will roll out in the first quarter of the year. If any of the things we mentioned here turn out to be true, then the rumor that HTC is unveiling three phones for Q1 in 2017 is true. There have been many rumors lately we’re about to be overwhelmed with information. Then again, more news concerning HTC tells us that the Taiwanese tech giant will still continue in the mobile business.

VIA: ePrice