Android Wear watch faces

By now, you’ve probably decided that you like Android Wear, that you want a wearable, and that you’re finally getting a smartwatch. There are several models from different manufacturers already you might have a hard time choosing only one. Personally, I like the Huawei watch and the customizable Moto 360 and maybe in future, that Tag Heuer smartwatch. The smartwatch game appeals to me because there’s so much you can do with such a small device and wear it around your wrist.

Google knows there is a market now for Android Wear and other wearables so it’s upping up the ante by developing the ecosystem and working together with developers and manufacturers to make it even better. The Android team just added more ways to add fun and fashion to the mix by introducing more watch faces. There are probably over a thousand different new designs to choose from for your Android Wear smartwatch.

The expanded watch face collection is now available on Google Play so you can choose any face that will match your mood, clothes (or shoes!), and just about anything you want to pair the smartwatch with. You can change the watch face as often as you like anytime and anywhere.

For those who want more customization, you can also change the strap of your smartwatch according Android Wear’s Senior Product Manager Jeff Chang. The standard today is 22mm and more companies are bringing more color options. Check out Clockwork SynergyWorn & Wound, and E3 Supply Co. for the right smartwatch strap for you.

Android Wear colorful straps

These changes give us another reason to get a smartwatch. You can say it’s just a trend or simply joining a bandwagon but who can resist those cute designs and colors? Never mind if you find the watch screen too small or don’t really need one. A smartwatch on your wrist can be awesome.

SOURCE: Official Android Blog