If you’re in the market for a new smartwatch but want to have more options than the ones available in most wearables in the market, then you might want to consider getting the round-faced Moto 360. They have finally gone live and added their smartwatch to the Moto Maker site, giving potential customers the ability to customize their Moto 360 and the freedom to choose what they want to have as the strap, casing and watchface of their wearables.

Just looking at the physical combinations, you can actually make 27 different kinds of customized Moto 360 smartwatches. If you factor in the custom watchfaces, then that number can get even bigger. For the watchbands, there are 9 varieties in sizes and materials to choose from. This includes 22m leather bands in stone, black or cognac colors, 18mm metal bands in light metal or champagne gold, 23mm metal bands in dark metal and even a 24mm metal “mono link” strap.

In terms of casing finishes, you have three options to choose from: dark metal, light metal, and champagne gold. Watchfaces are easily changeable of course when it comes to the Android Wear platform. But Moto Maker will still offer you various options so that you can get the watchface of your choice when you get it straight out of the box. Having various options for your smartwatch will definitely attract customers to your brand, rather than stick to the limited ones offered by most wearable companies.

In terms of pricing, if you choose the light or dark metal finish with the leather band, it’s at $249. You add $30 more for the champagne gold finish and then $50 more if you upgrade it to metal straps. You can visit the Moto Maker site to mix and match your strap, casing and watchfaces until you get the smartwatch you’ve always wanted.

SOURCE: Moto Maker