It’s been over three years since Ustwo released the Monument Valley. We remember featuring the popular puzzle game a number of times because it was such a hit. The beautiful and serene game was released on the App Store first and then the Play Store. More chapters were added. We saw the numbers and knew that it deserved a second version. While waiting, it was integrated with other games and was copied by some. A new chapter was also added for free on Amazon App Store.

Monument Valley 2 appeared on the App Store for iOS last June but we have yet to try it on Android. The game soon went up for pre-registration on Google Play and now we’ve got word when it will be ready for most of the Android community. Ustwo’s award-winning game is now listed on the Play Store but still with a ‘Pre-register’ button before it becomes publicly available in November.

Monument Valley 2 stars Ro and her child exporing the mysteries of the valley. As usual, the magical architecture of each level will mesmerize you. An enchanting background music can be expected or just about anything that involves the Sacred Geometry.

Download Monument Valley 2 from the Google Play Store

VIA: SlashGear