MoDaCo.SWITCH went from an announcement, to private beta and has just been released as a public beta. As we have been watching, this release was for the HTC One and it means users will be able to switch back and forth between the stock Android experience and the Sense UI experience. In addition we are also getting some details on an upcoming release for the Samsung Galaxy S 4.

Those with an HTC One looking to do some playing will be able to grab the MoDaCo.SWITCH software from the MoDaCo user forums. As far as what you can expect, it was said that there are “a number of beta phases” planned so all the bugs can be found and hopefully fixed. The SWITCH software is based on the European HTC One 2.24 ROM and it was said that S-OFF is recommended.

On the flip side, that also means S-OFF is not required. Those looking to get that setup can do so using the ‘revone’ utility. That all being said, the MoDaCo user forums (where the download link is located) also has a detailed set of directions for those looking to get started. As always, we suggest reading and then re-reading those directions to make sure nothing goes wrong in the process. And remember, this is a beta release so there may be some issues that popup.

Otherwise, MoDaCo.SWITCH for the Galaxy S 4 is for the model i9505. At the time this is being handled as an Indiegogo project and there are several pledge levels available. And worry not, they are all on the low side. In fact, most levels are below the £10 mark.

There is one for £40, however that includes not only early access to the release but also gives you a MoDaCo Gold account and a t-shirt. With the exception of the t-shirt offer, the Galaxy S 4 MoDaCo.SWITCH release is expected to arrive this month. The t-shirt is expected in September.

SOURCE: MoDaCo Blog, MoDaCo Forums


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