If you happen to be carrying an HTC One or a DROID DNA and are looking to do a bit of playing, a recently released tool may be one that you have been waiting for. That tool is called S-OFF and while available for download and use — it does come with a warning. You see, this release is considered an early access preview which is basically another way of saying things may not be perfect just yet.

The tool is called ‘revone’ and has been released by the Revolutionary dev team. You will be able to use revone with any operating system, however you will need adb. Those looking for adb should download the Android SDK. Aside from being an early release, there are some other points you should probably know before getting started.

Those looking to use revone will need to know about some of the common Android tools such as adb and fastboot and it will be a command line tool. It was said this release will be rough around the edges and probably crash sometimes. While those comments have this sounding a bit scary, it was also noted that this release is “unlikely to brick your device.”

Anyway, it looks like S-OFF will work on the DROID DNA with 2.04 and 2.06 as well as the latest WWE & EU RUU, T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T versions of the HTC One. As we tend to see with items coming from the xda-developers forums — this one comes with a lengthy set of step-by-step directions that look like they will be enough to guide just about anyone through the process.

That said, we suspect that not everyone will need to use S-OFF and if for some reason some of the directions sound foreign to you, that may be a sign. In addition to the xda provided directions, those who are going to give this a shot should also spend some time browsing the thread in an effort to hopefully learn from others mistakes and missteps.

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