Mobius Final Fantasy is probably one of the most graphically intensive Final Fantasy games on mobile right now. Square Enix has been using this game to promote its other games on other platforms, so it is no surprise that we’re getting a collaboration event now with Final Fantasy XV, which was launched on consoles recently.

From March 17 to 31, players of Mobius Final Fantasy will be able to use special ability cards that feature the abilities of FFXV characters such as Noctis, Lady Lunafreya, Prompto, and others. The main character of Mobius – the “warrior of light” – will be able to enjoy these new ability cards within the said period. Apart from those, there is one rare and powerful “Unbreakable Bonds: FINAL FANTASY XV” Supreme card that grants players the powerful “Royal Arms” ability.

Mobius has also been updated with the addition of two new jobs that players can select for their character. The Berserker and Rogue jobs will feature new abilities and battle styles, giving players more options with gameplay.

Mobius Final Fantasy is available as a free download via the Google Play Store, with in-app purchases. To see these current changes in the game, make sure you update your game to the latest version.

SOURCE: Square Enix