If you think about it, only a distinct few have ever done it – that is, mix a large scale RPG with free-to-play mobile mechanics. Square Enix’s new title “Mobius Final Fantasy” is trying to get on that list. The game tries to bring the epic feel of Final Fantasy franchise games to a freemium game, and at the very least, it will be interesting to see how they do it.


Mobius Final Fantasy’s storyline will not be new to your ears – a vague threat to the world, some androgynous looking hero, and a production design that will beat your imagination twice over. The plotlines are fleshed out in 3D cutscenes with full voice acting and orchestral music, which helps you follow the story – unlike the generic RPG games out there where you read some jumbled sentences that don’t even make sense.

One thing that might surprise you – Mobius doesn’t play like other Final Fantasy games before it. The gameplay is built around touch, and the main focus is on character customization and combat. No vast open world for you, but like other mobile RPGs you go through a predetermined path and fight a series of battles at each stop. Combat is a mashup of different FF battle systems, so you’re sure to be familiar with it when you play. It is tweaked in such a way that it actually works on mobile, turn-based and very touch-friendly, perfect for a game you carry along with you.


Mobius is episodic, so players will not be able to gulp down the whole game in one go. At present, there are five chapters and a few side-stories are available. You can be ready for the in-app purchases, items and game boosts that can go up to USD$80. But it’s good to know that since this is a single-player game, it should be possible to get through the game without paying for stuff. Just be ready to grind a heck of a whole lot for XP.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store
SOURCE: Square Enix