Are you guys ready for some delicious looking user interface and lockscreens for your Android? Because the team over at MIUI have released some pictured and screens of their next UI changes and they sure look good. What you are seeing below will land some time extremely soon and is the newest addition to their already popular UI. As always things are polished and run stable as can be over in MIUI town so have no fear.

Looks good right? MIUI ROM’s have been hacked up and pieced apart by tons of developers because so many people love their clock widget, or the beautiful music widget and more, and things look to be only getting better. You can get a custom MIUI clock widget from this thread just to name one.

Widgets… Everyone loves widgets! Check out what is coming soon from MIUI regarding widgets.

Now you may be wondering and thinking to yourself, I just wish MIUI would release a phone with that custom UI out of the box. Guess what? You just might be in luck because they announced exactly that earlier this week. With the help of Xiaomi they plan to release the Xiaomi M1 and it will be packing a dual-core Qualcomm processor at 1.2 Ghz and tons of amazing specs that most will drool over. We covered this story a few days ago and now it appears the real M1 phone is being pictured on the MIUI site, the original one was clearly a fake and looked too much like an iPhone. Here is the real M1 below.

From what I am seeing MIUI has no plans of slowing down anytime soon and are only getting bigger. Hopefully that phone manages to find its way past China and over here in the U.S. but that might be asking too much. We will see. Would you guys import a custom phone like this and pay a little extra to not have to worry about bootloaders and such?

[via MIUI]