I know you all love to mod and tweak your Android phones just like I do so when I saw this I figured you’d all enjoy it. What we have here is a huge collection of themed clocks. The highly popular MIUI animated clock is being used as it’s neat and clean looking and really makes your phone look sharp. Just about every color you can imagine is listed in his thread so you can get exactly what you want and the modder 00McD00 is even taking requests.

He is even making custom clocks for those that request them, things like team logos or other things like the HTC logo in the background. He has filled many requests so just scroll through a few pages and you’ll most likely find something you like and can download. They are all available for download then you just install like any other APK.

The original thread of all the clocks can be found by clicking here. Some of the clocks on page 3 sure look nice and I’ve already downloaded like 5 for myself. They show up in the widgets list just like any other install so this is easy enough for everyone to enjoy.

[via XDA]