Microsoft Surface Duo

The public is only waiting for the Surface Duo. Microsoft is expected to reveal the Surface Duo and the Surface Neo just before the year 2020 ends. The two have been favorite subjects in gadget town but we don’t really know what is happening to them. We just know the Microsoft Surface Duo would offer a better Surface Pen stylus support. Microsoft Surface Duo specs leaked and we were told units are already being tested. Its release will still be on schedule but the Surface Neo may be delayed.

Now we’re hearing Microsoft is launching the Surface Duo earlier. It’s the second time actually since we mentioned the same last March. The Q4 release may not happen if Microsoft is planning to introduce the device before the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is out. This means sometime before the August 5 Unpacked event.

Is that possible? Anything is a possibility but we’ve been saying we won’t be surprised if there will still be a delay due to the global health situation. But then Microsoft introduced the new Microsoft Surface models almost a year ahead of the scheduled launch. It can be assumed the company has the units ready probably next month.

To review, the Microsoft Surface Duo is said to offer better Surface Pen stylus support. Units are being tested. It may arrive with AMOLED displays with 401-pixel density, 64GB or 256GB onboard storage, 6GB of RAM, Snapdragon 855 chipset, and an 11MP camera sensor for both selfie and rear. The 3460mAh battery may come with USB-C fast charging. NFC, wireless charging, and 3G or 4G connectivity can also be expected. Sorry, we highly doubt Microsoft is ready to add 5G.

We’re giving this Microsoft Surface Duo attention because it will run on the Android OS with pre-installed apps. Microsoft’s first-party apps will be available to everyone, allowing high efficiency and productivity. Let’s wait and see.