Microsoft Surface Duo 2

Microsoft is still considered a tech giant. It’s not going anywhere. It may not be the biggest in the mobile business but it is still very much active. Last year, it presented the Surface Duo. There is still the yet-to-be-released Surface Neo but we have no idea if it will still be continued. This early, we’re hearing information about the Surface Duo 2. The next-gen hybrid phone-tablet will be the Surface Duo 2. Details have only started to surface but we’re taking things with a pinch of salt.

The Microsoft Surface Duo 2 is now in the works. This is according to a source. The hybrid smartphone tablet with a customized Android experience isn’t exactly the best mobile device that was introduced last year but it definitely has potential.

Microsoft can still improve on the current model. The Surface Duo has fans even with the several issues and problems. Microsoft still decided to release the product in markets outside the US like Europe and Canada.

As for the Surface Duo 2, we already mentioned it may come with a better camera and 5G support. Rumor has it launch of the new-gen model will be in the Fall. It’s still not clear if the Surface Neo will arrive.

Microsoft is now believed to have started working on the Surface Duo 2. It will come with improvements and fixes of everything that problematic on the first gen. The new model will come with more advanced camera, faster 5G, and better processor. Hardware will be upgraded in many ways so we can expect the hinge to be more robust. That plastic cracking around the USB port should also be gone.

The company appears to be hiring more engineers who will work on the Surface Duo 2. Several job listings have been sighted online. Microsoft is also said to be working closely with the Android team. It’s testing the “Obscured Regions” API that can be used in the future to add info about regions of the display.


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