Microsoft Surface Duo 2

The Surface Duo may get a follow-up model. Many people may not agree to this move but we believe any new mobile device that has entered the market deserves another chance. Microsoft’s latest venture into the Android game is not as successful as expected but there are those who like the Surface Duo. It may not be as durable but it allows improved multi-tasking and productivity. The dual-screen hybrid phone-tablet has launched in the US and is now available in Europe. We’re not sure if the software giant will still release the product in other key markets.

The latest we heard was about the possibility of a 2nd-gen model. A Microsoft Surface Duo 2 will still be a welcome addition, hopefully, with vast improvements from the original offering. The next Surface Duo should have better cameras and 5G support. That’s what is believed to be in the works now.

The career site of Microsoft listed a few job vacancies. The post hints on a device known as “Zeta”. It’s only a codename but we noted it would come with 5G connectivity. The page has since been removed but we find it interesting the job listing mentions this: “journey to create new experiences with Surface Duo”. The company is looking for someone who can help “fully express the Microsoft vision”.

Here is the official note: “Job responsibilities will encompass working across a team of high impact individuals who are designing and coding RF drivers, RF board bring up including LTE and 5G technologies, factory tools, modem protocols, mobile operator certifications and PTCRB/GCF certifications on Surface Duo device.”

Looks like Microsoft is really serious in this area. Adding 5G support is a good start. A camera upgrade may also be considered. But then we hope Microsoft also focus on hardware durability.


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