Microsoft is using agreements like the one with patent agreement it signed General Dynamic Itronix up for to its benefit. The company so far has licensed up several major companies for the patents it has relating to Android tablets. The last company to sign the patent agreement was Onkyo. Today another Android tablet maker has signed up to license the patents for tablets and other devices.

Microsoft has announced that it has signed Wistron Corp up for a patent agreement that covers a broad range of patents that Microsoft holds. Wistron is licensing the patent for tablets, mobile phones, eReaders and other consumer electronics devices that are running Android or Chrome. Neither party has disclosed the terms of the agreement. I would like to know how much money Microsoft is making off these licensing agreements.

Do you think the new costs associated with Android will keep some companies from bring Android Devices to market? HTC is rumored to be paying as much as $5 per device to Microsoft and that will certainly cut into the budget of companies big and small.

“We are pleased that Wistron is taking advantage of our industrywide licensing program, established to help companies address Android’s IP issues,” said Horacio Gutierrez, corporate vice president and deputy general counsel of Intellectual Property and Licensing at Microsoft.