The Microsoft Band isn’t exactly the most popular fitness band in the market today but it certainly helps one achieve his or her health goals. The most recent version announced last October recently received a slew of updates. Sharing your activities is now made easier while avid golfers will find the new Tournament Mode for Golf feature very helpful.

Achieving a goal is more fun when family and friends are very encouraging. Your endeavours won’t go to waste if you know you have people supporting you all the way. You don’t need people snickering or rolling their eyes behind your back, thinking you will fail just like the past years. Not this time with the Microsoft Band. The sharing feature has been improved so you can easily share your stats on your Twitter, Facebook, or via text message and email.

Microsoft Band’s new Tournament Mode for Golf allows you to play a round of golf. It follows the United States Golf Association rules so at least on your own, you can be more competitive and experience a game as if you’re a pro-golfer. The wearable device can track your health activity and game as you play. After playing, you can view a summary on the dashboard complete with information on your heart rate, distance, and step count. The band works with the Microsoft Health app which you can view on your smartphone.

Microsoft Band

Microsoft also updated the Guided Workout experience so you can track your biking, running, or walking distance as you train for a marathon. Guided Workout will help you map your distance so you’ll know how much more you need to improve.

Last but not the least, Microsoft Band 2 now features Cortana connectivity. Integrate your Microsoft Health account to Cortana so when you need to know your progress, you can quickly ask “her” and know how you’ve been doing. Cortana can compare your activities so you’ll have an idea if you did better than before.

SOURCE: Microsoft