If you have Microsoft’s fitness-focused wearable, Band 2, and you’ve made it one of your goals this year to lose weight, then you better update the software to the latest version. One of the new features for the fitness band’s app is the ability to track your weight in order to reach your weight loss goal as you do your exercises and activities. The app also has other new features like GPS enhancements and sharing your workouts to selected friends who may be helping you with your fitness goals as well.

The Microsoft Health companion app is now on version 1.3.20128.2 and with the update comes several new and enhanced features. First off, you can now track your weight, whether it’s gaining or losing them, so it will help you reach whatever your weight goal is. You can also now customize your Guided Workouts and then share them with your friends, who might have the same fitness goals as you. And if you need to be reminded to do this workout as well as other activities, you can now program the Band 2 to alert you whenever you schedule an activity.

Other new features in the app include the Web Tile Gallery so you can quickly glance at it and see sports scores, news headlines and other content that you want to see on your wearable. The GPS Power Saver will extend your band’s battery life by four hours if you enable it on your bike or run tile. Plus of course you have the usual bug fixes and improvements.

If you already have the Band 2, just update your app to enjoy all the features. But if you don’t have it yet, you can buy one for $249 on your favorite online stores. The wearable allows you to monitor not just your activities but also your heart rate, calorie burn, and even sleep quality. You can also sync it to your smartphone so you can get notifications.

VIA: Android Central