So if these reports and leaks are true, then Samsung must be taking the jibes at them not being able to make a metal-bound phone very seriously indeed. We thought the Samsung Galaxy Alpha – including the whole Samsung A Series – was going to be the end of it, but here we are looking at a leak of the Samsung Galaxy S6’s purported metal casing.

If the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Samsung A Series was to be evidence, we would understand if the South Korean gadget giants went with a metal frame around its upcoming flagship smartphone. But nobody would have seen a metal unibody design (much like the HTC One) coming from the kings of plastic smartphones.


And yet here we are, looking at a leaked group of photos that if true, shows us that not only would the framing be metal, it would cover the whole back of the device as well. This design would mean that the Galaxy S6 would not be featuring a removable battery, a feature that had always been present in the flagship Galaxy devices to this point.


It is still not clear from this leak whether the rumors of two curved displays on the left and the right side of the upcoming Galaxy S6 would be true, but we have to take everything with a grain of salt, since it is still early days. But remember this leak, because if by March you would see the launch of a new metal unibody Samsung Galaxy S6, remember that this was leaked as early as December.



  1. Noooo, don’t make the battery non removable, this would be a deal beaker for me. This has been the only feature that keeps me buying Samsung. With out this I will look at others .

  2. LOVE my S3 but due for new phone and really like all the specs with S6 EXCEPT it must have removable battery and sd slot. Without these I’d rather have the plastic body I actually love the feel of the S3.

  3. do you really NEED to remove the battery? there are such small battery chargers that hold easily a days charging, the battery life is better in non-removeable, there are other workarounds besides a hard reset.

    • Ive worked in reserve areas where you take more than 3days without electricity or some flimsy solar charger. 3 batteries and a custom rom that gives a day and a half of charge on average without lots of internet those are almost 5 days and with that superfast charge thingy makes it worthwhile. Ive found that battery packs mess my batteries first and then proceed to screw up the charging system.

  4. Seems like there will be a limited Market for a 5.5″ Phone with no SD Storage and no removable Battery .

    5.5″ Screen is near Note Size.

    One of Samsung’s advantages over Iphone is removable battery, SD Card.

    Advantage over HTC, some LG Models and some other Androids is removable Battery.

    Carry over of Previous Users of Samsung S3, S4, S5 will be more limited IF no removable Battery, No SD Card.

    EZ Upgrade-drop your Old SD Card in New Phone for all photos, media, etc.

    No SD , upgrade a bit more complicated-Alpha loses some sales at AT&T for this reason, I have been told.

    If SAMSUNG moves forward without things Samsung Users are used to they will lose MORE market share, by leveling the playing field, losing built in advantages of their Brand.

    They also will have 2 Devices more like Iphone 6 Plus at 5.5″ screen on S6 and 5.7″ on Note 4 ?

    A nice Metal S6 with 5.1″ to 5.3″ screen and normal features will give continuity, limiting Hardware will cause some to jump ship IMO.

    Hopefully Rumors about Unibody are not true and 5.5″ sounds too close to Note 4 , and Note 5.

  5. How will we bash iPhone with a non removable battery or SD slot? Hahahaha I hope there will be a removable battery workaround like some rubber sealed section hatch type of thing.

  6. Not having a removable battery would really take some getting used to…but not having an SD slot would be a deal breaker. Sorry, if they’re business model is to mimic the iPhone, I think it will turn off a large number of Android users that have previously leaned Samsung’s way.


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