Back in May, Logitech introduced the ZeroTouch that turns your vehicle into a connected car. We’re not sure how many units the company was able to sell but it seems not a lot because a rebranding has just been made. Logitech is renaming ZeroTouch into the SmartCar Dash Mount for Android Auto. This information arrives after news of the platform expanding to more cars were heard. You see, Google is making sure more car models and drivers will be able to enjoy the platform and be connected.

Now listed on the Google Store is the Logitech SmartCar Dash Mount and Logitech SmartCar Vent Mount both for Android Auto. These two devices are Bluetooth-enabled dash mounts for your phones so you can comfortably access Android Auto especially when driving. The two are exclusive for Android Auto, allowing you to use apps like Google Play Music and Google Maps conveniently.


The Logitech SmartCar Dash Mount for Android Auto costs $79.99 while the SmartCar Vent Mount is more affordable at $59.99. The difference between the two is very obvious: the Dash Mount can be placed on your car’s dashboard while the Vent Mount can be placed on the vent. Choose whatever style you want and depending on how near or comfortably you want to access your phone’s display.

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