We all know about the dangers of being on your phone while driving, but we also all know that most of us cannot stay away from our mobile devices for one reason or another. Having a connectivity system on your vehicle can sometimes be a little too expensive. But OEMs will probably eventually be able to find a way to bring down costs in order for more people to actually buy and start using these systems. Logitech is one of those and they are now introducing the ZeroTouch system which will help you keep both safe and connected while on the road.

ZeroTouch is made up of either an Air Vent attachment or a magnetic dash mount to put your smartphone in a safe and accessible position in your car and a virtual assistant app to keep you connected even as you’re not touching said smartphone. As soon as you dock your phone on the mount, the app will be triggered and you can already do several voice activated tasks like read and send text messages, make and receive calls, share your location with loved ones through the Glympse app, listen to music streaming from Spotify and Deezer, and of course use navigation apps like Google Maps, Navigon, or Waze.

The app itself is easy to setup and navigate. Once you’ve installed the app and then mounted your device, whether through the vent or dashboard mount, it will automatically open and give you a few reminders and instructions. Just “high five” or wave in front of the proximity sensor if the phone or app falls asleep and then start giving commands. If you want to cancel a command, just say the word cancel or high five it again.

The ZeroTouch Air Vent costs $59.99 and the ZeroTouch Dashboard is priced at $79.99. They are available at Logitech.com and Amazon.com. The app, is of course free to download from the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Logitech