Android Auto will soon be available in most vehicles. After being “on the road” for only some cars, the platform is now being extended to more models so more smartphones and cars can be integrated. This way, more drivers are given access to information they need even when on-the-go. Since the time the service was first announced in 2014, only 50 brands have been connected but Google has added to the number reaching now to about 200.

There are numerous ways to make things even better and good news is that Android Auto can now be operated right on your phone. Any device running at least Android 5.0 can use Android Auto while on the road. Feel free to play music, ask for driving directions, and communicate in a more convenient and safer way even while driving. This expansion to more phones means millions of people can enjoy the benefits of Android Auto all over the world.

You can use your dashboard display or your phone display to access Android Auto. You can start accessing those services and apps you’ve always been using while driving but this time, the interface is easier to navigate. Your safety while driving is important and the Android team sees to it Android Auto is accessible and helpful. You can experience turn-by-turn directions courtesy of Google Maps.

For hands-free driving and use, Android Auto can start automatically when you pair the phone with any Bluetooth accessory. Hands-free voice commands will also be added so you can take advantage of “Ok Google” while driving to access your messages, music, and maps.

All these features and improvements will arrive with the new version. All countries where Android Auto is currently available will get the same app update so more drivers can experience what the platform is all about.

SOURCE: The Keyword