Chris Lacy, the same developer who has brought you Action Launcher, has been a very busy body. He has just released an updated version of his new Link Bubble app, sporting a slew of interesting features. And to celebrate the occasion, he is even throwing in a limited time discount for the pro version of the app.

Lacy released Link Bubble into the wild last March as the ultimate floating window multi-tasking web browser. The concept was simple. Links that you tap on will load in the background while you continue working, and Link Bubble’s floating circle will indicate if the page is ready for viewing, saving you time and patience in the process. That feature alone was quite enough to make Link Bubble an interesting app, but its new features may have just pushed it right at the top.

First up, there is that now ubiquitous “OK, Google” hotword that almost anyone and everyone seem to be integrating into their apps. The update also introduces more fine-grained controls over which apps Link Bubble will intercept links from and which ones to ignore. In relation to that, the developer is giving free users a gift. The free version of the app will now open links from any app, previously limited to a single one. Link Bubble is also taking a cue from the latest Google Chrome and offers you the option to undo closing a tab or a bubble via an overlay. It also has a new reading mode, but this feature is specifically marked as still in beta.

Unfortunately, there might be a bit of a snag when it comes to these new features, at least for free app users. Some of these, particularly OK, Google and the Reading mode features, are available only in the paid Pro version of the app. Of course, not that it’s a bad thing, since Link Bubble Pro will allow you to open as many tabs (also called Bubbles) as your device can support. The good news is that Lacy is doing something special to mark the release of version 1.2.0 of the app. For a limited time only, the Pro version will be offered at 50% off, which means you can buy it at just $2.49. Better hurry if you want to grab this deal though, as it is unknown until when it will remain in effect.

Download: Link Bubble (Free), (Pro) on Google Play Store


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