The stable branch of Google’s Chrome web browser for Android has finally caught up with features foreshadowed in the beta version. But along with those, Google has also added limited support for throwing videos to a Chromecast dongle.

Last month, Chrome Beta added a trio of new features to the Android browser that takes it to the same level of functionality as its desktop counterpart. First is the ability to undo closed tabs, giving you a chance to quickly revisit the stack of most recently closed tabs. It also added playback controls for HTML 5 videos playing in fullscreen. And finally, a rather mysterious multi-window support was also mentioned, probably for the sake of LG’s and third-party implementation.

This time, the changelog for the new stable version adds a new feature: streaming videos to Chromecast. This is almost like the functionality on Chrome for the desktop, except it only casts videos and not whole tabs. Google notes that only some videos work with this feature, but doesn’t exactly mention which ones.

As always, Google’s app updates roll out in a staggered way, so some will be getting the new version, which is now at version 35, a bit later than others.

Download: Chrome Browser (Stable) on Google Play Store