Lightseekers is a new RPG game available for Android gamers via the Play Store, but that’s not what makes it unique, as indeed there are thousands upon thousands of RPG games for Android. The game ties up some “smart” action figures and AR-enabled trading cards that will improve your powers in the game substantially.

Lightseekers starts out like a normal RPG would. You start by selecting a character and then go through the normal adventure in-game, leveling up your character by fighting enemies and monsters. Of course, you also collect gear and and in-game boosts to make sure your character is in good shape. But when you integrate the real-life smart action figures and AR cards, the game improves quite a bit. See the video below.

Gamers can pick up both action figure starter kits for which are sold separately. Each action figure interacts with the game via Bluetooth. Various lights on the figures and their accessories – again sold separately – will indicate your character’s status in the game.

You can also try the card collectible element of the gameplay – 386 cards will be included in the first wave that you can play all by itself. The ingenious part is that you can also scan the cards into the game for additional boosts. As caveat, once a card is scanned into your account, it is locked to it. So if you buy cards off someone else, make sure it isn’t used already.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store