If you’re a Linux user, odds are you’ve already heard of LibreOffice, a fork of the popular open-source suite OpenOffice. The project has been gaining steam in the last year, and now the developers say they’re targeting platforms other than desktops, namely Android, iOS and a web app. That’s great news for anyone who isn’t satisfied with the Google Docs app and doesn’t want to shell out $15 or $20 for QuickOffice.

If you’re not familiar with LibreOffice, it’s an alternative to the Oracle-sponsored OpenOffice, and like the original it’s a free suite that replicates Microsoft Office on Windows, Mac and Linux. The LibreOffice team broke off of OpenOffice last year over concerns that the new owners would abandon the project or start charging for it. LibreOffice is now the default word processor/spreadsheet/presentation manager for Linux distros like Ubuntu and Mint.

The Document Foundation is actively developing an Android version, and they expect it to be ready by late 2012 or early 2013. They’ll be focusing on tablets at first with mobile versions to follow, though considering the structure of the multi-talented Ice Cream Sandwich, the porting process from tablet to phone may not be as difficult as it seems. Since LibreOffice is also getting a web version, we might be looking at a full-on Google Docs competitor, complete with cross-device syncing features.

By the way, if you want to download LibreOffice for your less portable computers, head on over to the download page.


  1. Instead kf libreoffice or google docs or any quick office like, softmaker is on a good way to launch softmaker office for android. I am a beta tester and i can tell you it is well oriented for touchscreen users but still looks like a true office soft not like quick office with who u can see ur page while writing for example. Softmaker office for android is really a joy to use and also it is not expensive on windows or linux so will be note on android. Check this out mate.

    • With who u can NOT see while ur writing and with softmaker u can and see all the effect or color or font while typing. I use it on a galaxy tab and it so cool and pro.

  2. surely saying LibreOffice “replicates” Microsoft Office would be incorrect as bot were developed independently around the same time (microsoft word 1983 starwriter 1984 ) and of course both were competing with their forerunners wordstar,visicalc ,hp draw (Bruno)

  3. FINALY !!! Good work guys … 🙂 we`ll use Libre Office in company so we need something for opening files like odt, ods,ect…. 

    …so go on ! 🙂

  4. Libre Office needs to have android version sooner rather than later to ensure Ubuntu Cloud can work for me sharing docs between desktop, laptop and phone. Get on with it!


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