Coming off the recent Optimus L Series II and Optimus G Pro details from LG, it looks like they have dropped another Mobile World Congress teaser. This teaser arrives in video format and has been posted on the official YouTube channel for LG. The video reveals hints of four series of phones — the F, G, L and V-series.

Given the recent LG news, we have seen at least some of the details for these series. The L-series would appear to be the L Series II that we recently saw. The G-Series seems a bit lighter on details at the moment, however it seems to reason that it will at least include the Optimus G Pro. We are curious to see which other devices end up in the G-Series however.

As fas as the video goes, LG notes the L-Series as being for style and the G-Series as being for greatness. Both seem appropriate given what we have already seen. Moving over to the other series, LG noted the F as being for freedom and the V as being for view. Otherwise, the video measures in at just 48 seconds in length and as we often see, leaves just as many questions as we had before.

If nothing else, this video does explain the “4” from the MWC event invite. Not to mention, it does appear as if LG is doing fairly well in terms of building up the hype for their Mobile World Congress announcement. The good part here is that MWC will kick off on February 25 which means we do not have all that long of a wait before we get answers to the questions we have. And remember, Android Community will be in Barcelona to bring you the news when it arrives.