LG apparently has something exciting in the works for Mobile world Congress. Or maybe more accurately, judging from the level of teasing, we hope they have something exciting because if not, there could be some backlash. In the past few days we have seen an image teaser and a video teaser. The image appeared first and came with the promise of a “new series” of mobile phones with an “unexpected distinction.”

Well, following up here, we now have the official ‘Save the Date’ event invite. As you can see from the above image, LG is showing the number 4. The question remains, what does the number 4 mean? Are they planning to announce a new series that is comprised of four new devices. Or maybe just a new family of devices called Series 4.

This can probably be interpreted in numerous ways. And honestly, these save the date invites generally leave us with more questions than answers. But sometimes that is the fun of things. We suspect we are going to be seeing more from LG as we get closer and closer to the big event.

As a reminder, Mobile World Congress will be taking place later this month in Barcelona and Android Community will be on site to bring you the news. In terms of the LG event, that will be taking place at 8AM on February 25 and given the level of teasing, we hope LG truly has something exciting to announce.