Remember the big brouhaha that Google made over its handful of new partners for Google TV back in January, including LG? Remember how only Sony, Google’s sole remaining partner from the original Google TV launch, actually showed new hardware at CES a week later? Yeah, that was a bummer. But now the Korea Herald reports that LG may finally be readying its Google TV hardware, and the shiny new TV sets could land in the US (you know, the only country that actually has Google TV service at this point) as soon as this weekend.

According to the source, buyers will have their choice of 47-inch ($1600) and 55-inch ($2100) sets, both of which will come with 3D capabilities in addition to the new ARM-based Google TV module. It’ll be running Google TV 2.0, AKA Android Honeycomb 3.2, with access to the Android Market Google Play Store for the handful of apps that are compatible with the still-struggling platform. According to the Korea Herald, LG is pushing out the Google TV in addition to their own line of home-grown Smart TV’s to compete with the upcoming Apple TV… which still hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Sony’s version of Google TV 2.0, in stand-alone, Blu-ray or complete TV packages and complete with a swanky new remote, isn’t quite ready yet. It should be here by September at the latest, when the company plans to finally expand Google TV to Europe, presumably with Google’s blessing. Whither Vizio and Samsung, the other two manufacturer partners announced in January? We’ve got no idea – but Samsung’s pretty busy pushing their proprietary Smart TV platform.

[via SlashGear]