We’ve got our hands-on feature on the LG V30 as it was recently introduced at the IFA grounds in Berlin. It was totally expected after all the rumors, speculations, and leaks. Most of the information we gathered before the official launch turned out to be true. We can say it is one impressive smartphone that edges out the LG V20. It’s a premium flagship smartphone so we’re assuming price will be high especially now some of the latest flagships are nearing a $1,000 price tag.

LG hasn’t made an official reveal on pricing but we’ve got some information, thanks to a promo for a giveaway that lists the value of the smartphone. LG Mobile USA is launching a special giveaway. Three LG V30 units are at stake for three winners to win one each of the device worth $749.99. This detail is from a fine print of the giveaway.

The price is somewhat affordable compared to the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the upcoming iPhone 8.The LG phone will have 600 MHz LTE support for the V30 according to T-Mobile in a recent announcement. Nothing yet from the other mobile carriers but we’re certain people are already waiting and many people will consider the LG V30 because of its high specs and great value for money.

VIA: SlashGear


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