We’re this close to saying that LG is now more focused on audio technology. After giving us a glimpse of the three new Bluetooth audio speakers yesterday, the South Korean tech giant is teasing the mobile industry with the upcoming V20 loaded with the impressive Bang & Olufsen audio system. We’ve heard of this idea before. Earlier this month, we mentioned that the smartphone will come with a 32-Bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC for audio.

There was no mention of Bang and Olufsen, not until today. Then again that is not surprising because we’ve been saying the LG V20 will be similar to the G5. And since the current-gen G flagship phone boasts of the Bang & Olufsen Hi-Fi Plus audio module, we can expect the new V phone to be equipped with such. We’ve tested and got our hands on the audio module for a while and we can say the LG V20 will deliver high-end audio.

This time, though, the audio technology is said to be built-in and not as a separate module or “Friend”. If that’s the case, then we may not see a new add-on module for the LG V20 because B&O’s system will be enough—except maybe if an external module in the form of a special headset or headphones will be ready.

There are so many speculations about the LG V20 but if the information is from the OEM itself, then there is no reason to doubt. Let’s wait and see.