We first saw the LG TONE Free headphones at the CES 2017 event back in January together with the LG TONE Studio. The TONE Free is a pair of new wireless earbuds that lets you forget about and finally ditch the annoying cables and wires. It can be difficult to untangle those stuff so a wireless pair is more recommended.

Wireless headphones are very much convenient but there’s one problem we can think of. When it loses charge or battery gets low, it can be a challenge because you don’t have any quick solution. Good thing LG thought of making a neckband for it to work not just as a storage when not in use but also as a special charging acessories. When you are not listening to music or are talking on the phone via Bluetooth, the LG TONE FREE will be charged so you won’t miss any message or call at all.

If not on your head or shoulder, there will be an optional charging cradle for the device. This TONE FREE definitely shows what the TONE series is all about. The new earbuds come in a contoured form for a comfortable wireless experience whether you are listening to music or watching videos in silence. Special features include Dual MEMS microphones, sensitive mics, improved treble, and rich bass.

The LG TONE Free is now available online at BestBuy.com or Best Buy stores for only $199.99. It works with a compatible app for LG Android devices like the the LG V20 and LG G6. Other companies like Verizon and Target will also carry the product.