I know the recent news about the Droid Bionic and EVO 3D has been covered by the big lights but we still have not forgot about the LG Thrill over on AT&T. It was made official back in June, and we had some hands-on time a few weeks ago with the Thrill 4G to keep it fresh. Now RadioShack is starting pre-orders for the 3D smartphone and you can reserve yours for just $50.

Before that it was called the Optimus 3D and you can see our full review here. This AT&T branded phone is headed to the market fast and it should be launching come August 7th according to RadioShack. Starting today you can reserve and pre-order your own LG Thrill 4G for just $50 at Radioshack.

According to the leaked screenshot the Thrill can be yours for just $80 and a new 2-year contract, seems like a pretty great price for a 4G 3D phone right? The August 7th launch date is clearly noted but that doesn’t mean it will officially launch come then but we have high hopes that it will. Head down to your nearest shack and throw down that $50 dollars if you’re that excited about this device. It is pretty powerful and I wouldn’t mind one myself.

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