LG Major Android OS Updates

LG may be done with making smartphones but it will still continue to sell the remaining stock. The future OS and software updates remain a question to the consumers and to those who are still planning to get an LG phone. We already told you that Android 12 OS update for LG phones will still be available. Now we’re learning the premium LG smartphones will get up to three versions of the Android OS. That is three years from the time you’re buying the phone.

LG will be leaving the phone business by the end of July. A recent announcement has assured owners of the LG Wing, LG Velvet, LG V series, and LG G series three more OS updates. That is a guarantee that applies to the premium models only released beginning 2019.

Some phones released in 2020 or later, like the LG K series and the LG Stylo, will get two more OS updates apart from Android 11. LG also mentioned that it will still manufacture phones up to the second quarter. This will be done to meet those contractual obligations to partners and mobile carriers.

Yes, the public can still buy LG smartphones that are in stock even after withdrawing from the business. Security software updates and customer service support will still be provided for most mobile devices but only up to a period of time.

LG assures the consumers they will still be ready to offer support. Expect local LG centers and carriers will make related announcements in the coming days.