LG Mobile Phone Business Sale

LG was once a a big name in the mobile industry. It was known for its innovative designs and technologies. Actually, it still comes up with unique innovations like the LG Wing. We’re looking forward to the LG Rollable Phone but its future is really unclear. It was recently sighted on a Bluetooth SIG listing but it doesn’t always mean a public launch. The LG Rainbow flagship smartphone is now believed to be put on hold. There have been rumors the rollable phone may be cancelled but the rumor was already denied by LG.

Earlier this year, there was that discussion LG may soon quit the smartphone business or the smartphone business may be sold off to a Vietnamese company.

Nothing is final and official yet but LG is believed to be withdrawing from the phone business. The release of the LG Rainbow has been put on hold. The LG Rollable Phone’s fate is still unknown. LG is also said to make an announcement this coming April.

The first quarter of the year is almost over. LG has not introduced a new smartphone yet. What we’ve shared here are software and OS updates like the Android 11 LG UX 10 update for the LG Velvet. The LG Android 11 OS update schedule was also announced so expect more LG phones will receive the new Android version soon.

The possibility of an acquisition by a Vietnamese company may not push through anytime soon. Details are scarce but there is one report that the production plant in Vietnam and the patent rights were actually released for sale. A relocation of the business is also being considered. That or the mobile business may be shutting down completely. What do you think LG should do?


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