LG announced today that one of their former flagship phones, the Optimus 2X, will not be receiving an update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. LG announced the news on its Indian Facebook page. This stands in stark contrast to other Android manufacturers like Samsung, HTC and Motorola, who have all committed to bringing Ice Cream Sandwich to their current high-end smartphones. In the United States, the Optimus 2X is known as the T-Mobile G2X.

T-Mobile and LG committed to updating the software to Gingerbread back in April, and the update is available via a cumbersome PC tool. G2X users became increasingly irate, and it wasn’t until July, eight months after the release of Gingerbread, that the software made it to the phone via OTA. International versions of the Optimus 2X are STILL running Froyo. It doesn’t help that many of them purchased the G2X for its high-end specs, including oneof the first dual-core mobile processor to hit Android. LG did not give a reason for the refusal, but some of our readers have speculated that 512MB of RAM may be insufficient for Ice Cream Sandwich.

This sort of fast-paced obsolescence is an unfortunately common occurrence on Android devices. While community work-arounds like custom ROMs often deliver the latest software to advanced users, most Android enthusiasts are of the opinion that it’s the manufacturer and carrier’s obligation to deliver timely software updates. This isn’t always the case, even with high-profile devices like the Optimus 2X /G2X – just ask ThunderBolt users. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that manufacturers and carriers aren’t required to update their phones, and in at least a few cases have some economically-motivated reasons not to. I’d encourage those who want the latest official software on their Android devices to vote with their dollars, and go with a manufacturer that commits to timely software updates.

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  1. Maybe the screen is too small to take full advantage if ice ream. That or a g3x is in the works for ice cream and they want you to buy it

  2. So, you mean to tell me that back in May of 2011 I purchased a LG G2x with high end capability only to find out that it is not capable of keeping up with consistent updates? What the HELL??!!! You can’t trust any of these companies any more. You dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t. UGH! I spent 300 for nothing. I’m never buying another thing from LG, and I will make sure to send them a firm letter of my frustrations of this device as well. MANUFACTURERS, MAKE SURE YOU FULLY TEST AND FUTURE-PROOF YOUR DEVICES PLEASE!!! I mean, damn!! What the F%$k!

  3. See? This is why I am really hesitant to buy another Android. The G2x is a six month old top of the line phone, and LG and T-Mobile will not be upgrading it? This is unconscionable. My Droid hasn’t been updated in a year, and that update basically made it almost unusable. 

    • The G2x is plagued with problems! They might as well pull it from being sold again…like they did a while back! I had one, sold it on eBay for a loss just to get rid of it. When u make a general statement like “hesitant to buy another Android”; ur lumping a whole lot of companies in one. This was LG’s first attempt at a high end Android phone and I’m sure they’ll learn from their errors. 

      Now if you said… I’m really hesitant to buy a LG Android phone then I would completely understand, lol! HTC has been good about putting out updates…and Samsung is getting better. I think with the success of the Galaxy S2 they’ll be looking to keep it up to date (at least I hope so)

  4. Im satisfied with my g2x. It even spent a half hour under water during Irene and still works great. I don’t do much that requires its full capabilities …I Facebook, email, stream, and take pics and videos ….aside from the camera functions being reverted it does everything I have ever wanted it to do. Custom roms do help when you wanna tinker around but I stick to the official build and I’m pleased.

  5. Lg optimus dual core is a piece of s_______t! Keep freezing and shutting down, not reliable. No comments from LG, nothing…


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