Reports are starting to stream in this morning that the G2x update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread appears to been leaked by LG. We are still not completely sure if this is the official version that will be rolling out OTA (over the air) in the next few days or if this was simply an accident. Over on the LG support forums an announcement for Gingerbread was made saying the update was available via LG’s proprietary Mobile Software Update Tool.

Over on XDA users are jumping for joy because they’ve been waiting for this update all summer. From initial reports the update is 178MB and brings us to build GRI40, or Android 2.3.3. Although some users mentioned the nifty LG camera app was removed and now they have the stock gingerbread camera we are still fishing through the information and will flash our own G2x shortly.

Obviously this is more of an official release so you will lose root. The update tool linked to below will inform users they will lose all data but many at the XDA forums are reporting all apps still intact after the update completes. It’s actually really easy and you need to be running an Android 2.2 ROM for the updater to recognize you need the update, preferably running the stock build then you just follow the instructions.

Download: LG Update Tool

Now if you need a nandroid backup of the stock ROM check here

That’s it folk, easy as can be but as always do this at your own risk.

[via XDA Forums]

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