LG Rainbow Concept 2021

Before the crazy 2020 ended, we noted LG would introduce the LG Rainbow together with the LG Rollable and the LG Q83 in the coming year. We’re now in the third month of the year but no new phone from the other South Korean tech giant has been revealed. We’ve heard details about the LG Rollable Phone as LG unveiled the concept at the CES with a BOE-made flexible display. It was confirmed LG is not yet shutting down the phone business so we’re still hopeful about its fate.

But then the LG Rollable Phone’s future is still unclear. The idea that LG Rollable Phone may be cancelled has been denied by LG already. Nothing is certain but we have a feeling LG will need to make a major decision.

We don’t think LG is shutting down the phone business. It may sell off a division to a third-party like what Huawei did with Honor. That is one possibility. At this point, we just want to know if LG is still planning on releasing one phone–if not the LG Rollable Phone, then maybe just the LG Rainbow.

The LG Rainbow launch is now on hold–indefinitely. This is according to a source who shared the exclusive information. It may be long before we see the LG Rainbow that was once promised to arrive in the first half of 2021. This also means the LG Rollable Phone is on hold as well.

LG hasn’t made an official announcement regarding this development (rather, non-development). However, a source said a person familiar with the business said that LG and mobile operators have decided not to proceed with testing of the Rainbow phone for the supposed March release.

The LG Rainbow is believed to have reached the prototype stage already. The reports of LG bowing out of the mobile business have somehow affected the possible launch of new phones. We were told negotiations between LG and other operators are being put on hold.

This indefinite hold could help LG decide on what to do. Whether it’s the LG Rainbow or the LG Rollable Phone, the whole Android community will be glad for LG. There is always hope when it comes to the mobile game. LG just needs to be wiser this time. So again, let’s wait and see.


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